Suicidal Thoughts

Photo of teen sitting on ground with a paper in front of his face with a sad fac drawn on it

Colorado, Among the Highest Rate in the Nation

Colorado holds a record that nobody wants. Statewide in 2017 Colorado had more teen deaths by suicide than by motor vehicle accidents. 

Mesa County Continues Above Average

MORE THAN 50% of suicide attempts resulting in an emergency department visit in 2017 were among people younger than 30 years. The highest rate of suicide attempts was observed among young people ages 10-19 years.

“We sometimes think we want to disappear, but all we really want is to be found.”


Talking About Suicide Helps...

Contrary to what you may think, letting your child talk about their suicidal thoughts does not make them more likely to complete a suicide attempt. In fact, studies show that talking about suicide in therapy, for as few as 10 sessions, significantly reduces the likelihood of an additional suicide attempt. 

Your child wants to talk about it...

...But, They Don't Want Everyone to Know

Our private, Small Steps Healing Center office will help your child to keep their sessions private and their reputation and confidentiality intact. 

Rachele works with kiddos of all ages who have suicidal ideations. 

Contact Rachele, and determine if she is a good fit in helping your child. 

Can I Afford Therapy?

If you are unable to afford therapy for your child, ask your school counselor or family doctor for a referral to Colorado's Second Wind Fund.

Second Wind Fund believes that every child and youth at risk of suicide should have access to the mental health treatment they need.

They match children and youth at risk for suicide with licensed therapists in their communities. If a financial or social barrier to treatment is present, they will pay for up to 12 sessions of therapy from one of their specialized network of providers. 

Small Steps Healing Center is an approved Second Wind Fund provider.

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