Will I Be A Part Of My Child's Therapy?

Of course! We will meet after your child's session to discuss what progress your child made towards your treatment goals.  Teens ages 15 and over are given confidentiality and have to consent to what is shared with their parents.

My Child Hasn't Experienced Trauma, Has She?

We don't know. Trauma can occur to a child in many ways such as: Traffic accident, getting lost at an amusement park, death of a pet, loss of a relative, medical diagnosis, hospital stay, bullying at school or in the neighborhood, physical abuse, emotional or sexual abuse. An initial consultation with Rachele will help you decide if your child has experienced trauma and if counseling is right for your family. 

My Child Won't Talk, How Will You Help?

The great thing about play therapy is your child never has to "talk" about the problem. Through play, a child will act out what they are feeling. Rachele will help your child learn to express those emotions and teach him alternative ways to manage these feelings. Learn more about Play Therapy from the Association For Play Therapy

How Many Sessions Will My Child Need?

We tell parents to plan and budget for 15 sessions, but the truth is, Rachele can't estimate this until she has a chance to get to know your child and his needs. If you commit to weekly attendance and put in the work, your child may meet your goals more quickly. Severe traumas could take a little longer. 

Are You Just Going To Hangout And Play With My Child?

Even though it’s play, it’s not always fun.  Counseling using Play Therapy is a process, and sometimes that process is difficult and painful. The interventions Rachele will use in the play therapy room are based in neuro-biology and science. While it may look like play from the outside, play therapy is a proven intervention to increase your child's ability to process his life and develop increased ability to manage his emotions.

What is MY Role as the Parent?

Your role as the parent is vital to your child's progress. While Rachele may be the "expert" in therapy, you are the expert for your family and child. Rachele hopes to partner with you in this journey. 

Can I Manage This Without The Need For Counseling?

The truth is, we don't know.  During your initial consultation we will meet to determine how  therapy may be of benefit to you and your child.

Will You And My Teen Be a Good Fit?

Rachele encourages teens to come and interview her!

We want your teen to decide if Rachele is going to be a good fit.  

Can I Ask My Insurance To Pay?

We can supply you with a "Superbill" and assist you in submitting it to your insurance company for possible reimbursement of fees paid.

What Should I Do Now?


Schedule your initial consultation.

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