A Death In The Family

Photo of child walking amongst military grave headstones

Trauma and Death

Everyone has their own unique story, and for some, it ends too soon. Even for adults, the loss of a loved one is traumatic, add to that when the death is sudden and unexpected, our life feels ripped apart. It doesn’t matter if the death is from a motor vehicle accident, a drowning, or a life cut short by cancer, their unique story ends and when it does, the unique story of your child is changed forever as well. 

Your child may find it difficult to cope with, although this may show up in your child in many different forms. For some children the death of a loved one brings tears and depression, for others they may contemplate suicide to be reunited with the person they lost. Still for others, anger may may be how they strive to overcome this loss in their life. Often, your child may experience all of these emotions and others as well.

Powerless or Betrayed?

A child may have been present when the death happened and felt powerless to help, or he may have only heard about it hours later, and felt betrayed that he didn’t learn about it sooner or even from a phone call because his parents were traveling out of town when it occurred. Some children had a close relationship with the person who has passed, still others are left with regret from a difficult relationship that they will never be able to work to fix.

We Will Allow Your Child To Grieve in Their Own Way

For young children, play therapy may help them to express their feelings through creating a “sand-tray” life that they felt they could have had with the one lost. For older children, encouraging them to open up an express their feelings may be the thing that they need to feel safe again. One of our therapy dogs, may be brought in to help your child process through their grief.

Every Sudden Death is a Story Lost

Every sudden death is a trauma that needs to be helped and healed. Each one is a unique experience for the child and the family. At Small Steps Healing Center, we will help your child discover  their own unique story will continue and  there is happiness, safety and security beyond this loss.