Traumatic Event

Stock phot of child hiding in pillows of couch

Trauma and Your Child

At Small Steps Healing Center, Rachele Marlette has a passion for working with children to overcome trauma.

What is a Trauma?

Small Steps Healing Center works with children who have experienced or witnessed sexual assault, suicide, incest, manslaughter, kidnapping, child abuse, domestic violence and murder. 

But there is more to trauma than the headlines on the news. Your child may have experienced trauma through the untimely death of her parent, her sibling or a friend from school. She may be having difficulty falling asleep after losing her beloved pet. Your son may have experienced a car accident that has left him afraid to travel. Or it could be the bully in your son's classroom has him anxious about going to school each day. 

What Else is a Trauma?

Your child may be experiencing trauma caused by things you didn't even consider. She may be stressed by her lack of basic human needs that poverty brings, such as not having enough to eat tonight, or not having electricity to heat her home. He may be feeling frightened upon learning that they, or a family member has a sudden or serious medical condition. Your child may be unsure after being diagnosed with a mental health issue, such as ADHD. 

Violence at home, school or in the community may be on your child's mind. He may be the victim of a cyberbully, or your daughter may be stressed after her older brother was incarcerated. 

Victims Compensation

You or your child may be eligible for services at Small Steps Healing Center under the Colorado Crime Victims Compensation Program.